Idplus is a new digital loyalty platform

No more overloading your wallet with various bonus, discount or gift cards. Accumulate bonuses, use virtual gift cards, purchase car fuel with a convenient card, sell and buy bonuses! All of this with a single application – idplus!
More than 900 retail establishments and 20,000 users choose contactless payments.

Get bonuses and cashback from our partners

There is no need to keep the loyalty cards of different retail establishments in your wallet. Get bonuses and cashback and use then in idplus app by scanning Idram QR.

idplus gift card

Gift cards of all partner outlets are available in one application.


Gift a card and get cashback to your account.


Send or receive digital gift cards anytime, anywhere.

All in one place

When all your loyalty cards are in one app, you don't even think about losing or forgetting them.

Combo payment

When making a single payment, you can choose different payment sources at the same time: bonus cards, gift cards, Idram wallet.

Fuel card

Join the new culture of purchasing car fuel. Pay for your fuel in advance, say, for 100 liters of petrol. You can use it yourself later by piecemeal or share with family members or friends. The trick is it’s impossible to leave the card at home, as it always stays in your smartphone.

Everyone loves the idplus app


Partner POS




Accumulated bonuses

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